Welcome to Waking Up The Spirit

Waking Up The Spirit is a project of the Culpra Milli Indigenous Corporation that aims at uniting aboriginal and non-aboriginal people together through aboriginal spirituality and connection to country. Waking Up The Spirit's homebase at Culpra Station on the Murray, is a place where people can come together to connect with each other, to heal past injury, and connect to the spirits of and within the land. With the sharing of knowledge between the indigenous and non-indigenous, it will allow for a wholesome living in harmony with our community, the earth, all living creatures and ourselves. Waking Up The Spirit holds events, such as festivals and workshops, both on country and in Melbourne in order to provide healing and education for all people on aboriginal culture and history. Please see our Blog and Latest News for more information on past and up-coming events. Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you.